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My book is AMAZING=http://=http:// It is called Crossed. Its about a love triangle in like, the year 3000's. They have a Society that decides EVERY THING about the citizens life. Like Where you work. Who you love.When you die. Right now I am reading the sequel the the prequel. Its called Crossed. The Prequel is called Matched. The main caracters are Cassia, Xander, and Ky. Right now, Cassia has escaped from the Society, which is like, impossible to do. She has run off to find Ky, and a rebellion against the Society, called the Rising. She has found Ky, but he will do anything to get her AWAY from the Rising. He has a fear of what he might become in the Rising, since his late(late means dead)father started the whole program.They are travleing to get away from the Society, and go back to their home town, but the problem is WHO their traveing with. Hunter, the only Farmer left, is going to get the Society to notice them in The Carving, with is a bunch of gorges, and get them all arrested, and maybe reclassified to Abberations, which are descrasful people to the Society. They can never have a good work position, and get matched with any one.I hope they all get to safty. I love the thought of all this happening in the future. This book is so amazing to me, I can never put it down!!!

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