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A) Mr. Crosby's Current Class

We are a 6th grade class that is piloting a 1:1 laptop program using MacBook computers. We blog, Skype, make Wiki pages, produce digital videos, podcasts and vidcasts.

by Quetzalli

teacher: Brian Crosby

Blog Entries

I was laying in my usual spot next to Quetzalli’s books, when suddenly I felt Quetzalli’s warm hand on me, at that point I knew she was going to use me to write this story. Hello people, I’m Justin the pencil and I’m going to tell you about my pencil life. When Quetzalli writes and my lead comes off I know not to worry, it’s normal for lead to come off of a pencil. When she sharpens me, it’s like she’s taking me a shower. It makes me feel fresh, clean and loved. When it comes to letters and punctuations I feel like a kid at the fair riding rides, for example the Ms and Ws are my favorite letters because when she does them I go up and down like a roller coaster. But sometimes it hurts when she does a period because she presses down hard. When she earses something it’s like giving me a fresh haircut every time. I love it and it tickles. I feel proud every time I earse the mistakes. I guess she’s done with this story because I’m back to my usual spot near the books, I feel tired but proud. I feel like I did my job correctly.
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