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Plannig a trip to Naaldwijk-

The students of 3rd ESO at INS Manolo Hugué, doing the optional subject "Planning a Trip", are going to organize a trip to Holland, in a class exchange. They are going to Naaldwijk, in March. The Dutch students are coming to visit us in May.

by L teacher: Dolors Permanyer
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About the Netherlands

How many inhabitants does the Netherlands have?

- About 17 million inhabitants.

Which is the largest national park in the Netherlands?

- Keukenhof is the largest flower garden in the world.

How many windmills are still working today?

- There were more than 1000 windmills working.

What is the name of a famous Dutch painter born in Delft?

-Vincent van Gogh

What is the title of his most famous painting?

- Los comedores de patatas, El dormitorio de Van Gogh en Arles, Lirios...

How many bridges are there in Amsterdam? What are the opening hours of Van Gogh museum?

-Mora than 1500 bridges. There is a day you can enter to the Van Gogh museum.

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About the Blogger

We are students from INS Manolo Hugué. We are planning a trip to Naaldwijk, a little town in Holland.

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