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Its morning in London, theirs only one reason I know that because I sleep in the trees, in the nightfall were you can see the stars like camping, but the tree im in is next to a mansion and that sucker is huge. But anyway I wake up and see a little boy it’s hard to see his face and he has a butler covered in black and it was hard to see his face to then suddenly his butler vanished then I heard a voice behind me “What are you doing spying on my master.” His voice was a dark velvet voice that seemed kind and gentle, I turn around to see his butler, his eyes are a blood red color yet if you look closely they sparkle in kindness, His hair was pitch black with a shine to it, and he had a devilish smile to him. “I was not spying on! Him I just woke up on the tree so don’t accuse me for that!” Then he started to laugh at me in amusement so he asked me if I want a job so of course I said yes because then I could sleep in a bed and all so I followed him to the young boy. The butler started to whisper to the boy probably because the job thing then when he stopped the boy nodded his head in agreement so it was night time and I went to bed it was so soft and I also I had to work tomorrow it didn’t tack long for me to go to sleep though.
The next morning I woke up from my dog kissing me to death and I knew I had to go to school man that was a good dream even though It didn’t last long and still to this day I add on to this one dream.
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