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Softball. It is my life. People never seem to understand what it takes to play softball. It’s not just throwing and hitting. You need to be able to throw the ball with a hard backspin at the chest of the person you’re throwing to. It is necessary to be able to hit the change up and the drop ball. Your bunt needs to be in control. It’s important to be able to field a hard bouncer, slow dribbler, line drive and a pop fly. Most of all, you need dedication and heart. You can’t be afraid of the ball. If you’re a 1st baseman, or 1st basewoman, as I prefer, the ability to stretch and catch any ball is vital. Nothing can go by you. I also happen to be a sacrifice hitter, which means I’m not the hardest hitter, but I can hit/bunt almost any pitch that comes at me, mostly getting out, but in the process advancing the runner(s). For those of you that don’t know, this is the typical lineup: 1. Strong, fast hitter. 2. Sacrifice hitter to advance #1. 3. Strong hitter, but will stay on base, no homerun. 4. Either strongest or 2nd strongest hitter on team. 5. Same as #4. 6. Not the best hitter. 7. Average hitter, stays on base. 8. Either slapper/ another sacrifice hitter or a lefty. 9. Strong hitter, but only just above average. The next time you think softball is easy, try hitting a 12 in. ball hurtling at you at 45-50 mph from 43 ft. away. And yes, softballs are harder than baseballs for your information.
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