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Compassion and tolerance are not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength." Dalai Lama


a)Explain/interpret what you think it means.

 I think this means that you are a stronger person if you have compassion and tolerance for whatever situation comes about.  Having compassion and tolerance makes you a better person and you don't always have attitude when someone is complaining to you about a situation. 

b)How could you apply it to our own life?

I could be a little more compassionate and tolerant of my cousins that come over all the time.  I have four boy cousins that are younger and I am not always tolerant of them.  I also don't show very much compassion to them when they want me to play with them, I am always busy doing something else.  Maybe I should try harder and then maybe they wouldn't be such pains.

c)Could it be used to make a positive change in someone's attitude?

 Having more compassion and tolerance can make situations easier to handle.  Maybe if people showed more compassion and tolerance towards others than maybe we would have more nice people in the world and not so much violence.

d)How could it make an impact on the world?

We have alot of violence in our world.  Maybe if we all showed more compassion and tolerance to each other we could all get along better.  We live in one of the best countries and there are other countries that need help.  If our country and other countries together showed more compassion and tolerance we could cut down on wars.

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