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When the door of the little house she was astonished by what she saw. When she saw a centaur open the door she thought she was going to faint. She asked the centaur if should go into her house. By the way the centaur's name was Brianna. Brianna let her go in and asked her "How did you appear into our world? Why did you come to my house?" Panina answered "I fell into a hole in the bend of a tree. I came to your house, because it was the only house within miles." Brianna thought that was nonsense. She knew there were about 15-20 houses on her way to the Brianna's house. She decided to let Panina explain herself over tea. While Panina and Brianna had tea Panina explained she was just playing outside while thinking that the bend of the tree was just that instead it was a hole. After Panina asked Brianna if she could stay at her house for the night. Fortunatly Brianna told her that she could. A little bit later Brianna decided that she needed some sleep. She told Panina not to stay up too late. A few minutes later Panina decided to get ready for bed. While Panina was getting ready for bed Panina heard a really weird noise. Panina decided to investigate what it was. When she went downstairs she saw that it was.....

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