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teacher: Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2011-2012)

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Darkness was everywhere the stars weren’t shining.
“Dayane Dayane wake up wake up”! We were all screaming the wind blew on my face I was gasping for air.
I looked at my mom but couldn’t look back .saw her shaking! She put her hand on her head and said “TAKE HER TO THE HOSPITAL NOW!"
My dad carried her with his wet hands and ran to the car.Sudenly my heart started to race I didn’t know exactly why, but I was trying to handle it.What is going to happen to my sister is she going to die? OH! God please help my sister!.
Suddenly I heard her saying “where am I”?
“MOM MOM Dayane woke up!” I yelled. We are taking you to the hospital.
When we arrived to the hospital the nurse brought a wheel chair and rushed directly to the emergency room we followed her.
The doctor took her blood pressure (1) her face turned pale and Dayane wondered what was it? “What is wrong with you people”? She asked .
My brothers took the doctor to another room to talk to him.
The doctor advised her to stay in the hospital for few days. My mom was terrified and so was I! But the doctor told us that there was nothing seriose.Few days later my sister recovered and came back home .
I’ll never forget this traumatic experience in my life!i love my sister and I don’t think I could live without her!!!.
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I love to read and my favorit book is sheila the great.I love to eat the african food foufou . i love my mom so much im really close to her.i love to practice ballet its a pleasure for you that you have read my semi blog

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