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Poetry can have such an effect on people. They can have serious meanings or whimsical topics. Poets use many different tools and techniques to convey their message. They utilize so many literary devices in their works. Many poems have a rhyme scheme which will vary from poem to poem. Limericks will always have a pattern of “a,a,b,b,a” making them funny most of the time. Many funny poems will use alliteration to make some words sound fun to say. In Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out, Shel Silverstein writes “black burned buttered toast” which makes me laugh. Loads of poems make use of repetition to emphasize a point in their work. The Charge of the Light Brigade repeats ““Forward the Light Brigade!”” to emphasize what the six hundred were doing.  Plus, there are different types of poems that use different shapes and rhyme patterns depending on the seriousness of the poem. Some serious poems will have a basic rhythm and rhyme so it is easier to pick up the point of the poem. A concrete poem has a shape to it, depending on the topic, to make it fun to read. Writers have so many choices when it comes to writing poetry and so many ways to make a point.

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