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5th Grade Reading and Social Studies---> The Reading Lab is where bright young readers come to discuss, through in-depth dialogue, literature that they are reading._____ The Social Studies Parlor is where students respond to critical questions related to different aspects of Social Studies, and then discuss their responses through thoughtful discussions.


teacher: Mr. Volkman

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Should I do non-example or a good example?Enie Menie miny MO!For my non-example,[good example is colored Light Blue,and the bad example is colored Blood Red.]Laurie is Charles because Laurie's Mommy wommy said,"An era of my life was ended,my sweet-voiced nursery-school tot replace by a long-trousered,swaggering character who forgot to stop at the corner and wave goodbye to me."They should of added more detail.In that sentence,there wasn't really any details in that sentence at all.Here is a good example.laurie think that Charles is cool and admires him.[Even that Charles is himself.Anyways though.]Because he said that ,"Charles had to stay after school and so all the kids stayed to watch him."






















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