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Blog #22: Accomplishments

Very soon I am going to meet one of my long-time goals: becoming a published author! And not only that, but it was my goal to become a pulished author at twelve. I am finally there! I entered my poem, "The Bright Side: A Hopi Prayer for Luca Strong," into the Creative Communications Poetry Contest and I received a postcard in the mail saying my poem has been accepted to be published and they only needed my permission! Now, all I have to do is click 'yes' on their website ands then I will officially be published. I am now in the final competition for the big award. I could be one of the top-ten winners who get mentioned on their website. I really hope I at least get in the top-ten. If I don't I will be disappointed, but I know that there is a lot of competition. If I do get the final award, I hope it is cash, and if it is, I only want enough to buy my own cell-phone, iPod-Touch, Kendall, Nook, etc... Basically some type of technical device.  So I hope you've all got your fingers crossed, because I really hope to win this contest...


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