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This is a great place for us to work on our writing and thinking skills! Make sure you are doing work that you can be proud of and that it represents your intelligence!

by teacher: Leah Berkman
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Did you know that there are animals that act like plants and look like them? One animal is a sea anemone (uh-NEM-uh-nee) that how you sound it out. I think it looks like a flower because it was named after a beautifully-colored anemone flower. Did you the oceans of the world contain over 1,000 different species of all kind of sea anemones. In the tropical waters, the largest sea anemones can usually be found there. Did you that sea anemones are close relives of coral and jellyfish. Sea anemones mostly live attached to rocks on the sea floor or on coral reefs. I think thats why Sea anemones are relatives to coral. What is your oppinons. My wonder of words are reef, coral and relationship. Reef means to lower or shorten. Coral means a hard substance made up of the skeletons of certain marine animals (called polyps). Relationship means a being related.                                                                          .

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Kai'Aishah is my name and I like to play losts of sports such as Basketball,Baseball,Soccer,Track&Field,XC and others. I am a pro in every sport I do.

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