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Ok, so some tools that poets use would be their own personal experiences. Since I am a poet writer, this is something I can relate to. I write my poems based on my life and the feelings that I am feeling at that moment. other poems, like narrative poems, are based off of stories they might have heard or maybe even made up themselves. others tools would be what they want to reflect back to the reader. if the writer wants the poem to sound funny and make the readers laugh and have fun with the poem, then they have to think about what they would write in order for this to happen. as a person who likes to write and read poetry as much as I do, this subject was easy for me a little bit, and it also got me thinking of ways to make my poems more interesting and giving the feelings that I want a crossed to readers. some examples of a poem would be a line from the poem Sarah Stout Would Not Take The Garbage Out. That poem might exaggerate the consequences of not taking the garbage out, but it does get the point of how important taking the garbage out is.
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