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by teacher: Leah Berkman
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As colder weather approaches, what changes do you make? You probably start to wear heavier clothing, including long pants, long-sleeved shirts and coats.Since animals can’t shop at the local grocery store for their food, they have to figure out how to make it through the cold winter months when their food supplies may become threatened. For other animals, it might take too much energy to migrate. Instead, many animals choose to hunker down for the winter and hibernate. In fact, hibernating animals often show signs of sleep deprivation when they emerge from hibernation. When an animal comes out of hibernation, it often needs a lot of sleep over the next several days to resume normal functions.For my opinion bears sleep the longest because, they don't wake up when it's cold because there big heavy coat of bear fur. They also have some cozzy leafs to sleep on to. I am also wondering do bears live in the woods or near a river in the woods because, I saw one in my back yard and our backyard is mostly woods but we don't have a river.

Hibernation - Hibernation is where an animal hides and / or sleeps for winter.

Temperature - Temperature means the weather is ethier hot or cold.

Migrate - Migrate means  the travelling of long distances in search of a new habitat.


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