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What an amazing journey we are on, discovering all the ways technology can help us to learn more, share more, and become more. There is something new and exciting around every bend.

by Mrs. Ruffing
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Something exciting will begin on January 28! That is when the Trekking the Planet adventure begins. We will be able to follow Darren and Sandy Van Soye as they travel around the world on a 424-day journey across six continents. They are hoping to raise geography awareness and arouse curiosity about the world, especially for K-12 students. I am one of the teachers who have signed up to receive updates and geography modules from the Van Soyes as they begin their incredible journey.

What made them decide to embark on such a long trip that has taken them many months to plan? Check out this video to discover how the seeds were planted for the trek.

Their  special treks will include:

- a 50 mile hike on the island of Tasmania, off the coast of Australia, where they will hike through a national forest

- the country of Laos in Southeast Asia where they will live among the villagers to learn of their everyday lives including the lives of school children

-  Nepal in the Himalayas

- Central Asia -  Uzbekistan

- In Europe,  Sweden and the Arctic Circle

- Slovenia and the Julian Alps

-  In Africa, Mali and the cliff-dwellilng Dogon people

- the national forest in Ethiopia

-  In the Middle East, Jordan and the city of Petra

-  In South America,  Brazil and the Amazon rainforest

 - Argentina and the region of Patagonia

- Chile and the Atacama Desert.

The blue lines on the map indicate their travel by ship, the green lines by air, and the red lines indicate local ground transportation. They want to travel whenever possible just as the native people of the region travel in order to minimize their carbon footprint.

There are also four preparatory videos that give background on the journey. They are:

Part 1 - Why Study Geography

Part 2 - Where Are You Going? 

Part 3 - What Are You Taking?

 Part 4 - What Materials Are Available?

The last video tells of the resources they will make available to teachers to use with their classes, including geography modules that will cover history, cities, ethnic groups, government, language, customs, transportation, nature and environment, land topography, rivers, oceans, climate, vegetation, animals, ecosystems. If your class would like to receive the updates and the geography modules, be sure to register.

See a sample Education Module, free to educators, students, and parents.Get  pre-trip module #1 Basics of Geography and pre-trip module #2 Geography Today which include the 5 Themes of Geography and UK and US geography standards and curriculum.

Contact the team at Info@TrekkingthePlanet.net or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

How much do you know about our world?

Take the Continent IQ Quiz (15 questions)

Take the Cultural Geography IQ Quiz (15 questions)

Take the Physical and Cultural Geography IQ Quiz (15 questions)

Take some challenging quizzes at TravelPod. (fast paced)

Where in the World Is This? ( photos from space)

 Flags of Peace by Paul Trafford under CC License

Crystal Ball Globe by Judy van der Velden under CC License

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