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My favorite quote out of the five choices is “Believe you can and you’re half way there.” Theodore Roosevelt. I like this quote because I think it is true,if you don’t believe that you can accomplish things that you want or have to do you are NEVER going to get it done. For example: if you wanted to get into an arts based college, and you are in band but you want to quit, because you got 2nd chair when you used to have 1st chair, you’re never going to get into that college, because you didn’t believe in yourself and you quit band. Also, when you don’t think you can do anything you never try, or if you do it is very rarely, so you will never get the chance to try it and you might not ever get to do it. This could make an impact on the world because we could try new things and get more things accomplished, that we never knew could be possible. We could find out new teconologies and find different cures for cancer because we tried and belived we could. This quote could be used to change someone’s attitude by telling them they can try to do something they don’t think they can do and they can either do it or most likely be happy they tried anyway. I could apply this quote to my own life because I don’t like to try new things. I like to stick with a routine and not try anything new and I’m afraid of change. If I could just listen to this quote more often I could try and learn more things. I think that Theodore Roosevelt’s quote means that when believe you are become half way there by believing you can and going for the shot because if you do NOT think you can you’re NEVER going to get to your goals and things that you want to do. All in all like this quote because it is true and encouraging.
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