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February Free Write


Once there was a story. This story was so extraordinary it was spread out across the world, and not one person disliked this story. Children would beg for it before bed, and adults sat around with their drinks and slurred it in hushed voices. Anyone could tell you this story. It came in many shapes, sizes, and colors both happy and sad but mainly with joyful endings. It would ring through the rafters of any bar or restaurant. The world was so beautiful with this story in it.

                Then sadly one day the story went missing. The people couldn’t understand why it would leave them. They searched high and low, through all forests and under every rock. They went in the highest trees to the deepest of oceans, but they never found the story. It had left them alone and they went quiet. Not knowing what else to say without the story the world grew dark, and silent as a sleeping child. The world went from joyous and colorful to bleak and grey. No one laughed and children would stay awake wanting something to slip them into sleep.

                Months went by and no one was really happy. They had given up the search to find they’re dear story. A boy so small and so innocent hadn’t given up yet. He thought to himself ‘If I were a story, where would I hide?’ and then he looked into the place no one else bothered to look. He looked deep within his heart. When he realized what he found, he let it soar from his tongue. The story erupted threw the world after everyone realized what the boy had found. It had been sleeping deep in everyone’s hearts dreaming of the day it returned. Now, everything started to grow light and color again.

                Then the world went back to being alive and beautiful. The story went singing everywhere from everyone. Everyone held it close to them and they promised never to let it go. They refused to ever lose it again. The story never had a name and the darling boy who had found the story named it.

                The story’s called Love maybe you heard it before.

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