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by Emily P teacher: Melanie Transue
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Miss Melanie Transue
9CP English E-5
Have you ever met a kid with a dark personality? That always wants to do bad things? That you can’t believe drags his friend down with him? That’s how I would describe Jim. Jim is a character in the book Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury. He is always doing things that are wicked, Gets into trouble, and makes his best friend do inadequate things with him.
First, I would say Jim is doing wicked things because in the book it says “you going to nail up the rod or aren’t you? No smiled Jim why spoil all the fun?”(Bradbury 10). That is just an inconsiderate thing to say. Another thing “with the lightning rod nailed to the roof will proud and Jim ashamed of what he considered mutual cowardness” (Bradbury 10). Its even worse that Jim feels that way. His friend was just trying to help Jim make the right decision. Another example I have of Jim doing something wicked is when will ( Jims best friend) says “Jim look you don’t give a darn about Miss. Foley or what’s in her house”(Bradbury 83) Will said this to Jim to put him in his put Jim in his place. I can understand why some people think Jim is nice he helped will throughout the book but look at all the things he didn’t do for everyone else.
Second, Jim gets into trouble all the time. He gets in trouble for many things throughout the book. I only picked three examples out of the book. The first example is when Jim and will were walking home. “Jim breaks two windows in the haunted house” (Bradbury 18). Second, Jim gets caught sneaking out of his house by wills dad Mr. Holloway (Bradbury 129). The third example I have is when Jim “Sneaking out to the lake” (Bradbury 130). I could understand how some people could say that all kids get into trouble. Not that many kids walk by and throw rocks at old haunted houses and break the windows and all the stuff like that that Jim does. It’s not something “normal” fourteen year old kids do. I mean think about it Jim really is a wicked kid.
Last, Jim makes his friend will do inadequate things with him. My first example is when “Jim breaks two windows in the haunted house because Wills along, will breaking one window instead of none because Jim is watching” (Bradbury 18). Also in chapter 51 Jim gets on the carrousel and will tries to pull Jim off and Jim pulls will on instead of letting will help him. Throughout the book the kids are getting chased by a carnival because of Jim. I could understand why some people would say that will had a chose not to go or do those things with Jim but there only fourteen. When your fourteen and you have a best friend you do practically everything together.
That is why I think Jim is always doing wicked things, gets into trouble, and makes his best friend do inadequate things with him.
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