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by Christopher C teacher: Melanie Transue
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Miss Melanie Transue
9 January, 2012
Overcoming problems are hard, and sometimes dangerous. For a man named Charles Halloway in the book Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury this is very true. Thankfully for Charles however he has three very good personality traits to help him. He is wise, he is caring, and he is also heroic. Charles can be said to be wise because of the many good decisions he has made throughout the book. One of which happened when he knew how to save Jim from his death. Caring is also something that can describe him due to his caring nature towards his son, Will. Lastly he is very heroic, which showed mainly towards the end of the novel when he finally defeated Mr. Dark.
Throughout the book Mr. Halloway gave many examples of being wise. One time this happened was when Jim died on page 281, and Charles started laughing. Normally this behavior would be abnormal, but in this case it wasn’t. If he would have started to cry then the carnival would have won because they love tears, which Charles knew. Another times he showed himself as being wise was when on page 288 he was by the carousel after the carnival had died. He knew he could have hopped on it to get younger. The boys could have done the opposite, and became older. Fortunately Charles realized if they did this they would all want to keep coming back to the carousel. Eventually they would become something like Mr. Dark. Yet another example of Charles being wise happened on page 227 when he started laughing hysterically at the Dust Witch. He knew enough if he did this he would bring horror to her. Someone could possibly argue the fact that Charles is wise, but the argument wouldn’t be effective. Charles could have been lucky instead of wise when he started laughing when Jim died. This statement however is false. The hours of reading he had done in the library about evils from the past had finally become useful when he used that knowledge. In the beginning Mr. Halloway didn’t show his ability to care very much at all even though the trait was still there. An example of this occurred when on page 100 Miss Foley believed Robert (Mr. Dark) when he said that Jim, and Will had stolen from her. Instead of punishing them, Charles believed the boys, and helped them to fix the problem. When Mr. Halloway told Will that he used to be just like him on page 129 was another time he showed that he was caring. “How long has this gone on? No don’t tell. I did it too, your age”, stated Charles (Bradbury page 129). Telling Will about his young and reckless nature as a kid meant a lot to Will. Also if he didn’t care, he would have never said anything about him being like that at Will’s age. Finally at around page 274 the biggest example of all happened. This event was when Charles helped the boys defeat the carnival. He would have not helped them defeat the carnival if he didn’t care. After spending the amount of time in the library like Charles did, he might not care about anyone else. This attempt to diminish his caring trait can be easily argued. Just because he does all of the reading doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t care about anyone else. Especially considering the fact that all of the reading he did was to help his son, and his friend.
Towards the end of the book was when this next trait of Charles Halloway became apparent. This very important trait of Charles was his heroicness. One way that he was heroic happened on page 274. On this page Charles killed the biggest villain in the book; Mr. Dark. At one point the book even said, “There should have been a roar like a mountain slid to ruin”(Bradbury 274). Secondly he saved Will from Mr. Dark on page 252. Will was being held captive at the carnival when Mr. Halloway showed up. After the Dust Witch swallowed the bullet he ran into the back to save Will. After he led Will To the carnival he eventually saved Jim from death on page 285. This is the third way he advertises his heroicness. Finding a way to argue this heroicness would be a feat in itself however. An ineffective argument that can be made is that Charles maybe wasn’t that heroic. After all he didn’t do anything that heroic in the beginning of the novel. He didn’t even stop the boys from getting in trouble in the first place. He was unaware of the problems facing the boys or what they were to do though so there was no way for him to help. Charles Halloway was wise, caring, and heroic. All of these traits helped him to defeat the evil carnival. The ability to be wise had glistened throughout the entire book, especially when it came to saving Jim. Caring was also another noticeable trait that Charles exemplified, and did so through his son, Will. He also eventually turned out to be heroic, mainly towards the end of the book when he had taken down Mr. Dark, and the carnival.
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