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Friendship is a vital thing in many people's lives.  This relationship means a lot to me and other people.  Friendship is not something that comes easily, you work your way up to it.  With me, a friendship has to have things to make it work.  It has to be a two way relationship, there has to be loyalty, humor, comfort, similarities between the two people, and kindness.  With the two way relationship thing, I say this because if I'm in a friendship I don't want to be in friendship that I am the only one trying to make it work.  Loyalty is also important because if I tell some one a secret and the next day it be spread around the school.  I want some one who will stick with me and not bail on the first sign of a bump in the road or a fight.  The humor is vitally important because if there's no humor, it's gonna be awkward.  It'll keep things interesting.  The similarities is the same, it'll be awkward, non-interesting, and many disputes.  And lastly kindness, if someone is always rude to me, that won't fly by me.  I have patience, but it can wear quickly if it's poked and pricked enough.  Someone with kindness is someone I will get along with.

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