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Straight Outta Commlab

We are 7th grade technology class in Western Pennsylvania. In our classes we learn about digital photography, video editing, blogging, podcasting, television broadcasting and simple programming.

by Mrs. Hill

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1. The first thing I want to do before I die is become famous.

2. I want to have a pet Panda and an Owl! Their my favorite animals.

3. I love watching television I would love to meet the cast of my favoite shows.

4. Something else I want to do is to make a awesome website (Like Facebook).

5. I want to learn a different language that isn't anything like English.

6. My favorite place is England and I want to go there really bad.

7. I want to go skydive into the sky.

8.  I would like to become a millionaire.

9. I want to hold my breath under water for over 10 minutes.

10. Lastly i would like to live in Paris.


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You have reached the page for Mrs. Hill's crazy Communications classes. We are learning about blogging and hope that you will stop back and read what we have to share.



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