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“I’m home!” I cried as my hand fell upon the bronze handle of our door. “Ana, Ana!” My baby sister exclaimed through her excited lips. I threw my bag and it slumped against my tabledesk. I fell upon my bed and stayed there for a few minutes. My eyes popped open and I glanced at my watch, it read 4:10. Better finish my grammar homework, so I have less homework after lunch, I thought. After a few more minutes, my sister came to me and called, “Ayde, ayde!!!”While she was pulling my hand, I put on my slippers and followed her. We came to the kitchen where my mom told me that lunch is ready. I sat down at the table and ate quickly. Even though that’s not healthy. Then I managed to escape my sister and hurried to my room to finish my homework. After about ten minutes I heard my mom yell:”Ines where is it!? I burst out of my room and saw my sister in front of my mom. “What happened?” I asked in shock. “She took her bracelet, threw it on the floor, and stuck half of a broken bead up her nose.” My mom answered in a quick, but stern voice. I couldn’t believe my ears. “We’ll take her to the doctor, if they can’t take it out; she’ll need to get surgery.” My mom quickly said, sounding worried herself. I tried not to imagine my sister with her nose cut in half. I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t handle the stress. I looked at my sister, entered my room, and finished my homework so I could spend what seemed like the last moments of my life with my sister. When my parents were getting ready to go to the doctor I quietly said goodbye and hugged my sister. I went to read but couldn’t take in all the evenings’ events so I fell asleep. “Mm, leave me alone.” I lazily opened my eyelids and saw my mom.

I fell out of my bed laughing; my mom just told me that when they went to the doctor they didn’t see anything. But when they got back home Ines was hitting her nose and the bead just fell out. I can’t wait until Ines grows up so I could tell her this story.
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I love reading, especially on a kindle, I love writing poetry, I am very good at climbing and sword figthting, my favorite possesion is my awesome baby sister who is two years old!

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