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Be the Change
© Jherine N. Saine

I haven't forgotten
That I am just one person,
That I am but one voice
Attempting to stand out
From the crowd.

I remember
That I have fallen
Amidst the laughter
That surrounds me, and that sometimes
It gets too loud.

Source: Hands, Change Poem http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/hands#ixzz1jjmkK7zP
Family Friend Poems

This poem is similar to the Dr. Seuss book I have read called "The Lorax". The Lorax is trying to get everyone to change their ways to save the environment. he realizes he is only one Lorax but he can get others to help by "joining hands" with others. This poem fits into my life by showing that my opinion may not change everything but it can help make a decision. For example, at home I often never have a say, if I put in my two cents, it might make a difference in the final say. Agreeing with the Lorax, if we come together we can stop deforestation and environmental destruction. The world is severely suffering from these things. the world and this poem are very similar in that way.
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