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By:Krysti Farrell
Why must children suffer, for the wrong we do?
Why must children pay the price for the ugly hate we spew?
Why must children have to cope with hunger and with war?
Why must children feel the wrath at Mother Natures core?
Why can't children just be free and learn the way of love?
Why can't children have no cares and love their God above?
Why should children have to worry about their future's air?
Why must they endure these things because we were aware?!
Why is the question we must ask to truly make things right.
Why is the question we must answer so we can sleep at night.
Why can't we now take the stand and help our children win?
THIS is why I take this stand and hope you all join in!

Text to text: This poem is like some other poems i have read. A lot of the poems i have read asking questions like this poem does!
Text to self: I wonder these questions all the time.
Text to world: A lot of the people in the world do not at all wonder those questions and that bugs me! people take food and education for granaite. They should look at these questions and see!
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