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“Come on, where is it?” I ask as I search through the rummage under my bed, “come on, where’s my old toys?” “What are you doing?” my sister ask. “ I’m selling my old toys and belongings,” I answer, crawling under there. “Why are you selling them?” she asks, raising her eyebrow. “It’s a looong story,” I reply. “Whatever,” she says, then leaves.

I continue to search far and wide for my old belongings. So far, I found my old penguin, teddy bears, my worn out butterfly... “Eww!” I say as I pick up a slobbery plastic baby toy. “Lux!” I yell. “What?!” she says, walking to my side. “Why did you chew this?” “Sorry,” she replies, and runs away.

After many days of searching and cleaning my house, I finally find enough toys for a garage sale. “Mom!” I cry, “can we have a garage sale? I want to sell my old toys!” “Finally you think of getting rid of those,” my mom sighs. “We can have one this Saturday.”

It’s Wednesday, and I run o Lux, sleeping. “Lux! Wake up!” I yell. Lux says groggily, “How much times do I have to tell you? Don’t wake me up!” “Sorry, but we’re going to have a garage sale! We can get money!” I scream. My mom shouts from the kitchen, “Why are you screaming? Sop this instant!” “Well, you are too,” I whisper to Lux, and we quietly laugh.

Thursday and Friday feels like loong days, because I am eager of going to France. I never been there before, and now, I almost can!

Saturday finally comes, and my mom and I set up tables. “Where are your toys?” she asks me. “Wait,” I say, then run towards my room. I pick up a big black trash bag filled with toys and I drag it o our garage sale. I toss all the toys onto the tables. I run back inside, take out some blank paper, and cut them up into smaller pieces. I write the prices for each toy, from 50¢ to $5. I take out some tape from the kitchen cabinet. “Mom!” I yell. “Can you help me tape these price tags onto the toys?” And we start taping.


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I can see how you described this story very well with all of the details.
Posted February 27, 2012 at 10:05 AM by • clip1414lencle
Posted February 27, 2012 at 10:05 AM by • clip1414lencle
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