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Year 2012 is finally hear. I was on a vacation with my family during the end of the last year till the beginning of the year 2012. During my vacation, I forgot many important things that I learned in school. Now I’m more far from my goals. My goals of 2012 is, I want to improve in math ,reading and music.These are the goals that I want to improve in.
My First goal that I want to improve in is Math. Since, I’m not up to the expectation of my teacher,it has become my goal to make her happy and i will do that by playing Manga High everyday. I also want to improve in my math sheets. I have to practice on multiplication and division problems too. I want to work on word problems more.I really have to concentrate on my fractions and how to add and subtract them.I want to learn how to multiply with big numbers.
My second goal is that I want to become an expert Reader.I will do that by reading regularly at least an hour. I will have to know more about the character’s traits. I need to focus on what am I reading about. I have to make sure, that I read my post-it, before I put it on the book. I have to re-read so that I am not missing any important point. I have to work on understanding, what the author is trying to say. I also need to understand the moral of the story.I will make sure that I take all the necessary steps towards achieving my goal.
My third goal is that I want to create my own music one day. For that i have to practice everyday.I will also practice my notes,so that I know them by hard. I want to memorize my songs by playing them more often. Since, I missed three weeks of music i think I am far behind in music I want to play my cello more often. I want to be really good at my cello, so I can join Nissma. I want to improve on my scales. I want to make sure that I am bowing on the right string. I want to know that I am playing the right notes.

These are my 2012 goals. Since, I have already taken steps towards achieving my goals,I hope my dreams come true.
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