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I enjoyed the wiki very much. A little more time would suffice though. I thought that the amount of time we had to complete this project was a little harsh. I also understand that we ran all the way up till winter break for this project but instead of letting us have more time after break you should have had us start earlier.
I loved working in a group this way but there were some errors in this process. With my wiki anytime I would try to add something to the wiki it would have deleted everything my group had already accomplished. We had to make a new one and we had to start completely over. If there was a way to fix that I would do that for next year.
I think that when we talk through the blogs on the wiki it was a little weird because of the way we have to type and send and open the new messages. I think that if it were more like when you type something and post it so you can see all the conversations that were going on without having to click and possibly forgetting what the other one said. That way I guess would be like “IMing”.
The thing that went well for my group was the video. Even though I think it sounds weird when all the people talk in it, it still goes smoothly.
All in all I would change a few things but I loved the experience even though there were some rough patches along the way.
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