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class 2015

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by Gianni F

teacher: Melanie Transue

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December Freewrite
Every year families all around the world travel to relatives. Brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, nephews , nieces and cousins all come out of the wood work to visit. These visits usually are friendly and fun but not all the time. Some times you and your relatives dont get along. Take for example me and my cousin.
My cousins name is Dustin and he is eleven months younger than me. Dustin loves to build and create. He collects legos and Megablox(they are like legos but more customizable). He will spend hours building with these. Then he will modify them with an X-acto knife. Finally he will paint them.
I, on the other hand like being active. I prefer his trampoline and pool to his legos. While Dustin will go for a bike ride every so often he still prefers his legos. I believe these differences in interests are what make us argue sometimes.
However as each year passes we argue less and less. Maybe one day we won't argue at all.

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