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Salmon Eggs:
The dangers are people and animals stepping on the redd, dirt getting washed into the redd, horseback riders, fishermen, loggers, livestock or a hiker. The needs are non cold and non polluted water, trees, plants and shade. A description of an egg is it is orange with a black dot in the middle.

Salmon Alevin:
A description of an Alevin is it is one inch in length, it is a mix between clear and orange and it has a yolk sack. It needs it's yolk sack for food. It's dangers are Gulls,dippers, sculpins and trout.

Salmon Fry:
The needs of a fry are zooplankton and shade. The dangers of a fry erosion, no bushes, trees, woody debris, landslides and sediment run off. A fry is shiny silver with a fin at the end and two fins on the top and thie bottom.

Salmon Parr:
A parr is shiny silver with parr marks and it has a back fin and two fins on the top and the bottom. The dangers of a parr are mergansers and great blue heron. The needs of a parr are aquatic insects, worms, amphibian larvae, fish eggs and young fish.

Salmon Smolt:
They are the same as parr but the have blueish green backs.

Adult Salmon:
The dangers of an adult salmon are orca whales, sea lions, seals and commercial fishermen. The needs of an adult salmon are small fish, shrimp and squid. It is silverish green and it has two fins on the top and bottom and it has a back fin.

Spawner Salmon:
The needs and dangers are the same as a adult salmon. A spawner has red all over but it's head part is yellowish brown with a hook type lip.
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