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2012 is going to be an exiting year for me, with a new school and such. My goals would range from getting better grades, to begging my mom to get me horse riding lessons again. I have very simple goals that might not be good to you, but are VERY important to me.

My grades have never been the best, or what I know I can do. I’ve never liked studying, though no one probably does. Setting a goal to get better grades, for me, will have to be learning to pay attention a lot more often, and getting use to the fact that I am not in my old school. Grades are the one place my sister has been a master at, but for me it’s just something to keep you working. This year, I plan to get a lot better grades in ALL my classes.

Getting horse riding lessons would be another goal I really want to achieve. I use to take riding lessons, but we got into school and then moved, so it’s been kind of hard for me to go to a barn every Saturday, with homework and all. From the first time I got on a horse, I fell in love, and to this day I still am. I have all the equipment I need, but not a horse. Riding a horse, to me, would be like a squirrel finding his nuts. Riding a horse is like flying, almost. With the reins in my hand, I feel I can do anything in the whole entire earth. When we canter as fast as horse-ly possible, I don’t think. All I care about is me, the horse, and staying on it. Riding is my dream, my passion, and I really want to reach the goal of getting a new barn
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