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teacher: Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2011-2012)

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Have you ever seen a person Police Station in one hour? Well I did. My heart was racing while waiting for my present. I couldn’t wait for my new Police Station set. Sweat trickled down my face; I was running aimlessly like a tiger from one place to another. My heart was pounding like a water pump. The minute I heard the doorbell “Ding Dong”. I raced to the door when I opened it the surprise was right there waiting to be hugged.
I got a scissors and carefully opened the box. In the box there were nine bags each bag contained a number to know which catalog to use. First, the signs on the entrance. Second, the prison cells, they were so cool the slide open and close. Third, the garages the also slide. Fourth, the Administration Building the main area of the police station. It had a desktops, bug shot area water cooler, coffee maker, two investigation areas, the chiefs officer room that has a TV and a bailing machine for bailing any prisoner. I also bought another set it was a Lego mobile police unit. It had a small prisoner jail in the back of it, the whole car is two pieces inside it sit two people and track down the bad guys in the city, there is a coffee maker and two computers and TV’s and one handcuff. That was the second piece. The first piece is the driver place. So the latch connects the two parts. It also had a motorcycle and a road block and a red sports car for the bad guy. I started playing cops and robbers. It’s good I have a Lego bank so the bad guys reach their goal. Also is good that I have a police station and a mobile police unit track them down and a place to rest in. First the bad guys sneaked out of the police station because they had crowbars under his bed and he broke the toilet open and they escaped down the pipes. I gave one bad guy a sports car and the other bad guy a motorbike and I raced them to the bank. Next the security was sending in the money and the cash with the diamonds the color of them are gold it’s curved with lines like zebra stripes that are transparent. So he emptied them returned he empty bags to his truck and sat for a while. Prisoner 1 the guy with the motorcycle climbed the pipe on the wall and opened the window and fell in the room of money. The safe was closed so he took out his crowbar and broke the precious safe open stole all the money he could and put them in his backpack and jumped in his motorbike and left. Back to prisoner 2 with the sports car had been caught driving the stolen sports car and driving without any license. He got a bug shot and got sent behind bars. Back to prisoner 1 the mobile police unit was chasing him so he started driving recklessly out of nowhere two police cars came driving right at him in the front with their flashing siren and that noise sounded like someone screaming ran right through the sports car drifted to the left. Because he pressed the sport button. So both police cars crashed in each other and exploded. The mobile car was still chasing prisoner 1. He had a device jammer that jammed the police tracker what’s going to happen now a police officer said. The prisoner was driving twice the horsepower of a Lamborghini. Out of nowhere the mobile car blocked his way he crashed right into it police officers they jumped of the car landed on the road and ran. Both cars exploded and caught on fire. Everyone was safe but not the city the bad guy is running away. Get him!!!!
Finally they caught him and called in a transport for the prisoner and the police and got sent to the police station bug shot, behind bars that is how my police station does maybe some people do it another way but this is how I do it. This means I will be a very knowledgeable person for building a building like an engineer.
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nice story i really want to see that police lego station
Posted January 26, 2012 at 01:49 AM by • ayman
Posted January 26, 2012 at 01:49 AM by • ayman
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