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In September we had hopes and dreams.Which was important because I found ways to improve myself.Like being a better football player I did this by having catches with my friends and  get faster. My goals that I did not accomplish was to be a better writer. My reasons were because I don’t like writing as much as other subjects,I’m not good at spelling and Stories don’t come to me quickly. My last goals was to be a better reader I will do this by putting post its about stuuf I don't post like connections. Also I will read for a long time.

I don’t like writing as much as other subjects. When Mrs.Parisi says “It’s writing time,” I groan and think why I can’t be home right know.Also at home when my mom tells me to practice “why don’t you practice writing.” I pretend I have more home work or make another reason. I really don’t like writing.  

I am horrible at spelling . This makes writing hard for me because I have to keep erasing my words. I think does the i come first or the a,and this wastes my time and I spend my writing trying to figure out words. Then I got really behind and start panicking and barely finish.

Stories don’t come quickly to me so I take half an hour to think of a story. I just sit their tapping my pencil and trying to figure out a story, and trying to force myself to think of an idea.It takes me forever I just can’t think of ideas.

I will put post it about things I don't post it. To help me become a better reader. Like connections I really don't post them,beacuse I don't reconize when I shoud l post it connections. I will try to reconize when to post it connections.

Also I will read longer,wich will be easy since I like to read. I will read for at least one hour and post it everthing that needs to be post ited.

I will work on writing and reading by practicing all of the skills,and trying to make writing  more fun for myself. I hope to achieve these goals soon.   

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