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Community Comparison Haddonfield vs. Franconia

By Celia

        Have you ever compared two towns? Well that is what I am doing! I am comparing my home town Haddonfield, New Jersey and Franconia, New Hampshire! I am finding information by going on the Internet and by using my Skype notes. I got Skype notes by Skyping with a class from Franconia, New Hampshire! I am finding lots and lots of information! I think that Haddonfield is different from Franconia in lots of categories but in other categories Franconia and Haddonfield are very, very similar! Even though there are some similarities I think that Franconia, New Hampshire and Haddonfield, New Jersey are mostly similar! Read more to find out the similarities and differences!!!!!!

        There are many ways that Haddonfield and Franconia are similar. Here are some of them. Both towns are in the Eastern time zone. Also, people in Franconia like to swim in pools just like the people in Haddonfield! Guess what? Franconia and Haddonfield root for the Eagles so go Eagles!!! Another similarity is that we both have at least some low plains in our community. We also both like biking! As you can see there are many similarities if you compare Haddonfield and Franconia!

        I think that there are also many differences when comparing Haddonfield and Franconia just like there are many similarities. These are the differences, even though there are low plains in New Hampshire there are also mountains and lakes in New Hampshire!!!!!!!!!! They also like to ski and hike but here in Haddonfield we don’t even have mountains!!!!!!! Another difference is that our state capital is Trenton, New Jersey and Franconia’s is Concord, New Hampshire. Also, most people in Franconia like the Penguins, Yankees, and the Red Sox and most people in Haddonfield like theEagles, Phillies, and the Flyers!!!Some other differences are that our climate is very different then Franconia’s because Haddonfield’s climate is: hot summer, and a mild winter and New Hampshire's climate is: cold winter, and a short cool summer. Another difference is that most people in Franconia go to Lafayette Regional School and we go to J.Fithian Tatem Elementary School. Some more differences arepeople start school at 7:30 in Franconia and in Haddonfield people start school at 8:30. Also, Franconia, New Hampshire is a rural area and Haddonfield, New Jersey is a suburb. One more difference is the sun rise at Franconia is normally different then the sun rise here at Haddonfield!!!!!!!!!!! Another difference is that Franconia, New Hampshire's nearest city is Boston, Massachusetts and Montreal, Canada and Haddonfield, New Jersey's nearest city is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As you can see there are a lot of differences between Haddonfield and Franconia!!!!!!!!!

        I had fun learning about Franconia, New Hampshire because I like learning about different communities!!!!! Now that I think about it I think that Haddonfield and Franconia are mostly different and I also think that even though Haddonfield and Franconia are different, we definitely have some things in common!!! I hope that you had fun learning about Haddonfield and Franconia because I definitely did!!
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great job me i think i did a amazing job!! :)
Posted January 18, 2012 at 01:47 PM by • celia
Posted January 18, 2012 at 01:47 PM by • celia
HEY U R AWESOME see ya later
Posted January 9, 2012 at 03:07 PM by • MH
Posted January 9, 2012 at 03:07 PM by • MH

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