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by teacher: Mrs. Freitas
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Hattie’s birthday box
There once lived a happy family. Their daughter the age of 16 was getting married to a man named Otto. Otto and Hattie decided to move to Nebraska to start a family.
One day while they were stopping to feed the horses one of the horses got scared and ran over Otto. Hattie stopped the carriage and then jumped out to help Otto. She struggled trying to put Otto in the carriage for a few seconds and then got him in. Next she raced all the way to the hospital then finally got there and the doctor said he had so bad news Otto died.
The doctor came out and said it would be $20 but Hattie did not have any money left. Hattie was thinking and had an idea. She thought of the box in the carriage and retrieved it. She was about to open it but the neighbor came to see him but it was to late and they said they would pay for it and not to worry and she said ok. Then Hattie got a call from her mom and she said it was spenders 100th birthday party so Hattie said she was coming she got at the airport and in a few hours Hattie was at her old house she could see inside the house all the people and she opened the door everyone was quiet “Spencer is that you” spenders granddaughter was poking him in the arm saying “granddaddy granddaddy its Hattie” Spencer turned around slowly to meet his marker and they both were happy and they lived happily ever after
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Hi my name is Evan. I am 10 In the 5th grade. I play for a basketball team called the RoadRunners. That explains the bird! :) i am awesome

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