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 For the last week we have been doing "Missing" game in class.  This game taught me to never give out personal information to people I meet on line and if I did have a website, not to tell them about it, things I already knew. 

Fantasma, the person who kidnaps Zack, lured Zack out with finding a weakness, his dad.  His dad didn't spend a lot of time with Zack and I think Zack felt neglected and looked for comfort.  He found that in Fantasma, Fantasma found his interests and engaged conversations with him about it.  He set the bait of coming to live and work for him and Zack took it.  Thinking everything would be better, that he would have a better life. 

Detective work, a field I am interested in, may even engage on in the future. 

Yes this game did give me a good idea on what it is like to have and solve a case. 

Yes, me and my partner saved Zack. 

I loved the game!

It was a challenge, a real brain teaser.  It made you put your skills to the test and I love to do that.  You may get frustrated a few times but that's all part of the game, it shows a slip of what it's like to be an actual detective.

I would recommend this for future classes.  It's a great and fun game.


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