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teacher: Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2012-2013)

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One Day I woke up in the morning it was Christmas Eve!!  I was so excited. I couldn’t wait till night time.  I spent half an hour trying to choose my cloths. Then I went to help my mom with the turkey in kitchen. When we finished the turkey we made pecan pie, it smelled like butter. While the pecan pie was in the oven my mom and I started on the apple crumble first we rolled out the duo while my nanny was making the apple sauce to put on the crumble. Then we put the duo in the tin and put the apple sauce on it. By then the pecan pie was ready. We took it out and smelled it “yumm” I said. Next to go was the strawberry shortcake which I made myself. When I was done with the strawberry shortcake I was tired so I went to watch T.V. So I washed my hands very well and went to turn on the T.V. I put Disney Channel on they were showing a Christmas special. So I continued watching. Meanwhile my mom was finishing off the food.  Evening finally came. My Aunt and my cousins came first. I ran and told everybody Merry Christmas and then pulled all my cousins inside and we started guessing what are presents were going to be. Then I heard my mom screaming “were starting to open presents” we all ran as fast as we could we all wanted to open the first present. I finally took a shortcut to where the presents are and got there first. I tor opened my first present it was a Cleudo board then I waited for everybody to open their presents then it was my turn again it was a Black Berry I was so happy then I opened another present it was an I pad and 2 Black Berry covers I went and hugged my parents I told them thank you and then we went to eat the food was delicious.

It was the best Christmas Eve Ever.

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