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Grade 5 (2012-2013)-

You're 5th Graders Now!

by Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2012-2013)
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Boy, it was short, wasn't it? We got out of school at noon on Dec. 21st. I flew out that same night. Guess who I met in the airport? Guess who was on the same flight I was on from Beirut to Paris? And then, on the airplane, I found another ACS teacher sitting just two rows in front of me. So there we were three ACS teachers; one was heading to England; one was heading to Guadelupe, and one was heading to the US.

I arrived at my mom's house in Indiana in the evening of December 22nd, after three flights (BEY/CDG/JFK/IND). It was fun to have a few days before Christmas to do all my shopping! On Christmas Day, I spent the morning with my mom, and then my sister and I headed to the airport. I had an afternoon flight to catch to California, so I could spend a few days with two of my sons. December 29th at 12:38 AM, I left San Francisco to return to Indiana. There was a little problem in Minneapolis -- the connecting flight to Indianapolis was cancelled, but after a four hour delay, on I went. The last two days I did visiting and packing. And finally, on January 1st, I started my trip back to Beirut, but this time from Indianapolis to Chicago, Abu Dhabi, and arriving in Beirut on January 2nd at 11:30 PM.

It really is a small world. While connecting in Chicago, I ran into Mrs. Crook (an ACS high school teacher) and her children (1st and 5th graders). Actually, going back and forth through lines for this and that, I ran into them three separate times! I forgot to tell you about another small world run in. When I was standing in line in New York to go through security, I saw an ACS 2nd grade teacher; she and her husband were hurrying to their next flight.

So, what did you do during your winter vacation?

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