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New years resolutions come from Babylonia in 153 B.C. They started from the god Janus who had a back and a front head. The front head looked at the new year and the back looked at the old year. Because of him, people started making resolutions and this is ho wthe tradition started.
My first resoution is to take care of myself and my family more. I would eat more healthier and play more sports. I would listen more to my family.I would help my mom and dad do chores and clean. I would help make breakfast or make dinner. I would play with my sisters more and spend more time with them.
My second resolution would be to get homework done more better and make my grades go better. I would do my homework better so i could be better and get into a good exam school.
My third resolution would be to time with my friends and go outside more. I would go and hang out with my friends more because they are meaningful and because so I wont be sad. I would go outside more and have fun so i can be a more happy person and have a good life
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