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Greek culture helped form Western civilization - the civilization of Europe and the Americas.  The Greeks gave us words and traditions such as democracy, geometry, politics, and the Olympic games.  Greece has a Mediterranean climate, with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers.  The Mediterranean climate was ideal for growing olive trees and grape vines.  Olive oil and wine were important trade goods and brought in wealth.  Greeks tried to live up to bravery, strength and honor.  Greek travelers in ancient times felt at home in any Greek port city.  Greeks spoke the same language and worshiped many of the same gods.  Women had different rights and roles, depending on where they lived.  In Sparta, women had a lot of freedom and in Athens women had very few rights.  Greece has a lot of history, but the items I have wrote about are the facts that most interested me. 

I have bee absent and I am not sure what was all done in class.  I have been excused from all in class activities. 

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