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MS: Tutankhamun or the more common name for you, King Tut, thank you for coming here to speak with me today. Even though you're one of the most widely known pharaoh, many people don't know much about your life. I would like to ask you some questions.

KT: I would be delighted to answer the questions you have for me.

MS: Many people know you as King Tut or Tutankhamun but those certainly weren't your birth name, so my first question is what is your birth name and what did it mean?

KT: It is true that neither King Tut nor Tutankhamun were my birth name. My birth name was actually Tutankhamen, which meant Living Image of Aten. Aten was one of the many gods we had in ancient Egypt. I was given this name by my father, Akhenaten, and my mother, Nefertiti.

MS: When and why did you become pharaoh and how long was your reign?

KT: I became pharaoh soon after my father died. I was only a nine year old boy when I became pharaoh of the Egyptian empire. I ruled for a short ten years before my untimely death.

MS: What did your father do in his time as pharaoh and why did you change the religion he made back to the normal religion?

KT: As pharaoh my father changed the religion that we had been doing for hundreds of years by changing the religion from many gods and goddesses to one god. This angered many people and priests, therefore when I became pharaoh I was left with an angry Egypt to rule. A few years after this happened I changed his religion back to the old religion to keep citizens calm.

MS: At what age and when did you die?

KT: I was still a young boy when I died. I was nineteen years old when i left Egypt. I was the pharaoh of Egypt before I died in mid-Janurary 1343 B.C.

MS: People say that you put a curse on your tomb. Is that true?

KT: Well when my tomb was discovered the man that discovered it ,Lord Carnarvon, was bitten on the cheek by a mosquito. He would irritate the bite and it soon became infected. He became very ill, and died from the bite and at that exact moment all the lights in Cario (Egypt's capital city) went out and his dog howled and died too. But most of the problems were probably caused by the bacteria on the wall gave off spores and when breathed in could make the person ill which contributed to his death.

MS: My final question for you is how did you get the crack in your skull?

KT: People say that someone murdered me and that is how I got it but the crack probably was in the mummification process. The priests who mummified me probably dropped my body head-first on the ground. That is how i got the crack in my skull it wasn't murder but a mistake.

MS: Thank you King Tut for taking time to speaking with us today. I hope that everyone has learned more about you.

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