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AD: King Tut thank you for speaking with me today. You're the most know pharaoh out of all the pharaohs. I'm going to start by asking you questions about your life.

KT: It's a pleasure speaking with you today.

AD: How old were you when you got the throne? Why?

KT: I got the throne around the ages eight and nine. I got the throne at a very young because my father was pharaoh and he died. I was next in line to become pharaoh.

AD: Who was your father? Who was your mother?

KT: Akhenaten was my father's name. Akhenaten was best known for abolishing ancient Egypt's pantheon in favor of worshipping only one god. My mom’s name was Queen Nefertiti.

AD: Who were the suspects of your death?

KT: General Horemheb, he was my Military Commander and Chief.                                                                                                                               

           My wife, Ankhesenpaaten

           Tey - The wife of Ay.

            An unknown, high ranking priest of Amun.

          An enemy soldier - a Hittite or a Nubian.

            When they studied my body I had a dense spot on the back of my head. I also had a bite on my foot from a mosquitoe, which can also the cause of my death  

 AD: What happened to the villages? How did the rivers in Egypt rule the life of Egyptain's? Who did you trade with?

 KT: Villages became islands, and people paddled boats to see each other.Between July and October, monsoons at its sources in East Africa induced the Nile to flood,washing the salts from the soil.We traded with the Maya tribe.

AD: What did you trade?

KT: Salt from the shallow waters of the delta beads of glass, which they discoverd how to make the 4000 B.C. papyrus stalks for rope, baskets,and writing material called papyrus. Linen woven from the native flax; jewelry made of the gold and gemstones found in the Eastern Desert. That's what we traded.

AD: Why do peolpe think your tomb is cursed? What happend to him?

KT: When my tomb was discovered by Howard Carnarvon a cobra attacked Howard's canary. Later Howard died by nicking his mosquito bite with his razor. When I was unwrapped I had a musquito bite on my cheek the same position has Howard.

King Tut by omdaa- CC License

National Geographic

King Tut

King Tut One



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