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SE- It is an honor to get to know you, King Tut.  Everybody here, including myself would love to know your story.  As long as you don't mind I would love start asking you questions about your life, death, and how you became so famous.

Tut- I would love to answer your questions.

SE- Great! Well let's get started.  Who did you marry? How many children do you have? What happened to them?

Tut- I married my half-sister.  Her name is Ankhesanamun.  I have two children.  My children were stillborn when my wife had them.  When I died my children were buried with me for when I would go to the Afterlife.

SE- Why did you change your name?

Tut- I changed my name because of religious beliefs in my country.  I changed my birth name,Tutankhaten, to Tutankhamun.  Aten, the last four letters of my old name means "the living image of Aten".  Amun the last four letters of my current name means "the living image of Amun".

SE- Do you have any illnesses?

Tut- Yes, I have malaria and a bone disorder.  I also have necrosis, or death, of bone tissue in my left foot.  This caused me to walk with a cane.  The necrosis is not life threatening to me, though.

SE- Why did you change the religious beliefs in your country?

Tut- I changed the religious beliefs in my country to maintain order of the universe, or maat.  Before my father, Akhenaten, took the throne all spirits and deities were ruled.  When my father took the throne he changed the religious beliefs so everyone only worshipped one god: Aten.  When my father died I took the throne.  During my rule I tried to reestablish the belief in all the gods and goddesses my father had neglected worship against.  Along with those gods and goddesses I also tried to restore the worship of Amun.  I rebuilt their temples and replaced their treasuries to honor them.

SE- What made you such a well-known pharaoh? What was found in your tomb?

Tut- I became famous becuase my tomb was untouched for thousands of years.  I was a minor pharaoh but my tomb's discovery made me famous worldwide.  When my tomb was found many people were amazed by the riches in it.  About 3500 articles were found in my tomb.

SE- Who was your tomb discovered by? When was it discovered? Where were you buried?

Tut- My tomb was discovered by two men.  Their names were Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon.  My tomb was discovered in 1922.  I was buried in the Valley of the Kings.

SE- Thank you, King Tut, I sure learned a lot about you! That was very eduactional and we all enjoyed your time with us!

Tut- It truely was an honor to be here.  I am glad that I was able to teach everyone some more about myself. 


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