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RF: It is my pleasure to be with maybe most well-known Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh King Tut I want to know some things that most people wouldn't know. If you don't mind I would love to start with your early age.

KT: Sure I would love to answer your questions.

RF: A lot of people don't know of your childhood. What things did you play with. What did you do besides playing?

When I was born Egypt was the superpower of two countrys.As a child I usually was learning, hunting, and swimming. Since I was next in line for the throne I didn't do much else because at the age of nine I took the throne which happened because I was next line when my father died.

RF: Why did you take the throne at such a early age and what was it like at the time of your ruling?

KT: I took the throne at a early age because my father was driven out of town andI was next in line for the throne
 because when his father was in rule he was worshiping a different god then everyone else people were.

RF: What was your birth name and why did you change it?

KT: My original name was Tutankaten which means living image of Aten. I changed it to Tutankhamun because my father was in religous termoil so I changed to Tutankhamun which means living image of Amun. My father was worshiping Aten more than other gods and the people of Egypt rebelled and drove him out of town.

RF: How did you die and during what time?

KT: I died by being murder from the head because my mummy was found with a bash in my skull. The only person that could of murdered me was someone that worked with me. During the time
I died Egypt was in a war.

RF: This is my last question for you is why did it take so long to find your tomb and why was it in such good condition?

KT: Since I wasn't in power so long many people forgot about me. I was buried in the Valley of the Kings and my tomb was hidden from being there so long so it took five years to find my tomb. Since my tomb was so hidden robbers couldn't find my tomb so it could not get robbed so that is why my tomb was in such perfect condition.

F: Thank you for your time King Tut because of your tomb you are one of the most well-known pharaohs and have helped in history. Good to be working with you today.


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