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The following is a transcript of the interview of King Tutankhamen and GF.

GF: Well King Tutankhamen make your self comfortable. May I please ask you a couple of questions

King tut: Thank  you I have Such a kink in the neck after a couple thousand years. Of course. You may ask away.

GF: I have heard you had a slightly clubbed foot and you needed a cane to walk.Can you clear up any misinformation about your health?

King Tut:  My foot was slightly clubbed.  My health was not perfect. The fact that my parents were siblings may hve contributed to this.

GF:  Is the curse you suposedly  put on the tomb real or fake?

King Tut: There is no curse! Lord Canarvon the person who funded the exploration  had gotten amosquitto bite the day before he entered and he worsened it as he shaved the next morning. My tomb had fungi spores on the wall and they burst when he entered the tomb. Also just because when Howard Carter  died and his dog howled then dropped dead was just a coincedence.

GF: How come you changed your name from Tutankhaten to Tutankhamen? Why did you change worship back to Amen after your father changed it back to Aten?

King Tut: You could find the answer to that first question in the second question. I changed woship back because it is what the people wanted.I was very well liked by the people.

GF: Who/what was it that killed you? There is much controversy about your death. What do you believe the real cause was?

King Tut: I got very sick before I died. Scientists told me I had traces of melaria in my system as soon as I came back to life for today . I believe it was the melaria that killed me since medical treatment was nothing like it is now.

 GF:  How many years was your reign before you died? What can you tell us about egyptian life back then?

King Tut:  My reign was very short ,only ten years from ages 9 to 19. Egyption life was the life for me! It had a great econemy.

GF: How long was your sleep before you were "discovered" in 1923. How many times was your tomb robbed after your burial.

King Tut: My sleep was three thousand years long. My tomb was robbed only twice. I am proud of that since many pharaohs tombs are robed many more times.

GF: Well thank you for being here: It was a great honor for me to have you here. Thank you for coming.

King Tut: Your welcome. It was nice for me too. Your furniture was very soft. I will need to get some for my tomb.

Information sources:king tut one , King Tut Org ,2 fi Edu ,National Geographic

Image credit: Tut-Anch-Amen Inner Coffin

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