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by Alex B teacher: Melanie Transue
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December final
My family has a lot of toys between cars, trucks, and tractors. I am starting to work on the machines. I am looking to start working on my truck so I can drive it in May, I am starting to restore a 1950 Ford 8n tractor, and I am preparing a John Deere 730 to get restored.
I will be sixteen in May. In five months I will be going for my permit. I am looking for a truck and it has to be a Ford. I found a '79 ford pickup but when we went to look at it we found out that it needs a lot of work and it isn't worth it. I was talking to my uncle who has a '68, and two 79's. When I was younger I wanted the '68, so I am trying to convince him to sell it to me. I think I might be able to buy it from him.
I also like to restore old tractors. My uncle bought a Ford 8n, and I started to restore it last Saturday. I washed it then I took it apart to sand blast it which takes all the paint off of it. I ordered the paint, so all I have to do is paint it and get the new accessories for it, so I can finish.
We also have a John deer 730 which my Poppy bought to plant corn a long time ago I am going to restore that as soon as I am done with the 8n. That tractor is more complex. It has something called a pony motor. A pony motor is a little gas engine that you start first before the diesel engine. The point of the pony motor is to heat up the block of the big engine so it will start easier. The way it heats up the block is the exhaust fumes go in to the head of the big engine. It is really a complex and neat design.

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