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We are a group of 7th graders from Colorado who want to practice our writing and communication skills. We are excited to expand the walls of our classroom and collaborate with other classes! Please leave us comments and your blog URL, so we can respond back to you!


teacher: Mrs. Lubich

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Wiki Reflection
The project we did was a Poetry Wiki. During this project I experienced a lot. It was really hard to communicate with the people in Louisana and my partner. I learned that I need to say what I want to say without having over 100 discussions on the discussion tabs. Also during this project, our group finished the project! Our photostory really looks good. I just hope
that my partner posted the video on our page. If I were to do this project again I would still work hard and change my poet.Once I do that I would have a different poem and change it up. Overall, I learned a lot about A.A Milne. I loved this project despite it's a little difficult.
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I go am middle School. I play hockey and run cross country. I have two dogs. I enjoy being creative, being outside and being with friends.

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