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My wiki page and video went pretty well, but we had some hard times. I think that it was a lot of fun working in a group this way. The communication in our group was effective at some times, but also not because when it was effective we knew what we were doing then when it wasn’t effective then we all got confused. We definitely had some things that we could of done different like maybe sometimes understanding each other a few times, we could of planned to get on the wiki page at the same time over the weekend, and we probably should of started our video earlier because we were all kind of in panic mode the last few days. Some things that went well were that we started on our wiki page early and our research, some of our communication went well, and everything turned out great! Also, we could keep the same working on things early so we were not behind. I think that you and Mrs. G next year can maybe start on this a little earlier because a lot of people were panicking because they didn’t think that they could finish it in time. Also, maybe have Mrs. G’s students get on the computer more at school and if they can’t at school then at home every night because my partner was like never on and did not do much with this project. Other than that it was a lot of fun and an interesting project!
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