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In this blog I will be talking about how things went on the poetry project. My group and I worked really hard. I think this project went really well but I think I could have done a lot better then what I did this pat quarter. I say this because now that I know what to do I think I would have accomplished a lot more and probably would have been down at least a few days early with my part. I also would have had a lot more knowledge with how to import picture and edit the home page for our group. I had a pretty good group to work with but one of my partners had a lot of things on their plate like sports and the project. I think the communicating in out group could have been a lot better but I did sometimes for get to get on at night and check if they posted anything new. I think something I would have done differently is reminding myself to get on the wiki. Some things I would keep the same were the poem, poet and my group.
In this next paragraph I will talk about what the teachers could do differently for the next students to come. I think next year you should let them know about this project at the begging of the year. I also think the teachers should try letting the students work in groups of their choice and pick random kinds to go along with their groups from Louisiana. I think the teachers should try this because it would be interesting to see which way turned out better.
Over all I had a great time searching information about my poet and not getting a lot of homework while in the middle of this project. I also enjoyed working with people I didn’t know and that the most part they held up their end of the project.
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