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The Box
By: Julia G.
It was a rainy day when Otto and I set off to find land that we could build our house on. We brought everything we needed to survive for 4 months. We had blankets, food, clothes, stuff for hygiene and stuff for personal use. Our wagon was fool! Otto and I were really excited and sad all at the same time. We were happy and excited because we were leaving to start our own life and to start a family and we were also sad because we were leaving our family that we love so much. We said our goodbyes and gave our hugs then finally we left to start our life!
The first few days were rainy and cold. One night it was hailing, we had to go somewhere where there was cover so the horses wouldn’t get hurt. Finally after a week of traveling it stopped raining. It was nice and cool at night and sunny by day. It was beautiful! 6 weeks later we saw a butterfly come by. It landed on our wagon. To me and Otto in was a sign that we were really close to Nebraska. We were happy.
Finally we got to Nebraska.YAY! We looked for 3 hours then we finally found the perfect spot to build our house! It was perfect it had nice green grace and a rose bush and a few trees. We also had 3 neighbors (that we liked) , Rosie and Bob with their 2 kids, Jake and Patricia. Then across the street was Rachelle with her husband Ryan and their daughter Carina. Next to Rachelle was Antonette with her husband David and their daughters Rebecca and Regina. They were all so nice!
We started building the next day. We started with the frame and then we put in the floor. The next day we did the roof and we put the walls up. The next day we put the rooms in. After that we started decorating. It took us a month to finish our house. It looked really nice!
Then Rosie, Rachelle and Antonette helped me with the crops. We had girl talk time, it was really fun! Then after 2 weeks my food started to sprout. They said it would take about 1 month for my crops to be fully grown. This is good because that is about the time that we would run out of food.
Before our crops were fully grown we ran out of food so Otto took me into town and we ate at restaurant which we couldn’t do any more because we were running out of money so we would only do it 2 more times then our crops would hope fully be grown fully. He took me to the Shau Lu Lu. It is this really good French place. Otto and I shared a bowl of noodles and we drank some cider. It was a nice night until…
We got home. When we got home there were flames coming from our crops. I panicked. I grabbed a bucket and started throwing water on the fire. Rachelle, Rosie, and Antonette came with their husbands and helped us. Finally after an hour of work it rained and put out the fire for good. Yay. But the girls could tell I was upset and they offered to give us seeds and let us have some food till our crops grew back. But I knew we would need more food than what the girls would give us since I found out I was pregnant so I thought of the box Spencer gave me. I thought there would be jewels in there and I could sell it to get money for money to get food and baby supplies. But when I opened it…
I found nothing. I was furious and sad! I wanted to get revenge. But I had to focus on my problems. But fortunately Otto found a job and we were able to survive. 9 months later we had twin baby girls. Adriana and Cynthia. We were a happy family.

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