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6th period Spring 2013

Welcome to my class blog. Students are exploring different foreign languages as well as specific historical time periods within Western Civilization.

by KG

teacher: Julia Osteen

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Catrina woke up both scared and excited for her first day of Kindergarten.  Her mom walked into her room and said, “Hey honey, time for your first day of Kindergarten.”  “Okay, mommy,” said Catrina.  As she got dressed she thought about what would happen on the first day of school.  Her mind was racing about the different things that could happen on her first day of school: She could be bullied, the kids could be mean, all these bad things could happen.  She thought about these things when she was ravenously eating her favorite cereal, Frosted Flakes.  The only thing that snapped her out of her trance was when the car roared to life.


It was a humid day outside, Catrina noticed, as she stepped out of the car.  Her mom squeezed her hand tightly and walked her through the front door.  She walked through the door and every feeling of nervousness diminished. Everywhere was filled with toys and other fun activities. She heard some boys yelling, “Bakugan Brawl!”  She walked around and then looked back to wave goodbye to her mother with a big smile on her face. She turned back around and she was facing a little boy with black hair and blue eyes. He was playing with the blocks and was looking at her. She smiled and in a casual gesture waved at the little boy with a slash of brown freckles across his nose. He smiled and motioned her to come over.


After a couple minutes of playing, the teacher swiveled in her chair, stood up and said, “Everybody, come gather round”. Catrina left her and the boys tower so they could return to it.  Then the teacher declared, “My name is Mrs. Ingrid and I will be your new teacher.” She had a loud yet affectionate.  As she turned everyone had stifle a laugh because she had splendid hot pink bun of hair behind her head. She wrote her name in the board and said “ I have a surprise for you, I brought cupcakes.” They are on the back table.” At this the children stampede to the table, putting the block tower in jeopardy. The boy appeared by the girl side and accompanied her to the table with cupcakes. As they got there Catrina say vanilla cupcakes. Then the boy said, “Cupcakes don’t really appeal to me.” “What, you don’t like cupcakes?” another boy said. “Nope, the boy said.”   The other boy sneered.  “That’s weird, you’re a weirdo.” The boy said, laughing, and started persecuting the boy. “Let’s go.” Catrina said, as they transferred to another table.   Then the teacher said, “Okay, boys and girls, do you know what segregate means?”  The boy that Catrina had met raised his hand.  “Yes?”  The teacher said.  “It means to separate or divide.” “ Correct!” the teacher said.   Then the bell rang, and the teacher said, “Okay, time to go!”  Catrina’s mom got there, and so did the boys. “ Bye” the boy said “Bye” Catrina said. All of a sudden she remembered- “Wait, what is you name?” “Chase,” he replied “What’s yours?” “Catrina.” He smiled and left. So Catrina got in the car, and when her parents asked what happened today, Catrina replied, “after all the pomp and ceremony, Im just happy to have made a friend.”


And Catrina’s friendship with that little boy was perpetual.



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